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DUI Defense Attorney in Statesboro, GA

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Driving under the influence is a crime, no matter where you are, and if you’ve been accused of operating a vehicle while inebriated, you’re going to need a skilled and experienced DUI attorney to represent you in court. At Hart Law Group, we’ll work to ensure you get the representation you need when you’re in front of the judge. With our extensive background working in some of the best firms in the region, our DUI lawyers have gained a wide range of skills suitable for clients who are facing DUI charges.  

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Get the Representation You Need

Being charged with a DUI is no laughing matter. Here at Hart Law Group, we’ll be your DUI attorney and make sure you don’t get a raw deal that can alter your life. Give our law firm a call today for a free consultation with an experienced DWI attorney. 

Focusing on Keeping You Free

With our background as a DUI attorney, we know how to navigate the legal system and the ever-changing laws they’re based on. During your consultation, we’ll learn as much as we can about you, your criminal history, and the circumstances of your arrest. Having a DUI attorney who’s seen a wide range of DUI cases helps in knowing what information is needed, precedents that have been set with particular judges, and the best avenues to take for your success. 

Representing You Beyond the Courtroom

Being found guilty of a DUI charge can change your life for the worst. You can lose your license, which can affect your employment, as well as serious fines and even jail time. At Hart Law Group, our DUI lawyers make sure our relationship goes beyond filing motions and going to trial. We want to help you remain a functioning member of society, keeping your criminal record clean and helping you keep your license as best as possible.