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Comprehensive Estate Planning Attorney in Statesboro, GA

The Probate Law Experts!

You don’t need to be on your deathbed to need a skilled attorney handling the affairs of your estate. The Hart Law Group in Statesboro, GA, will help with estate planning services at an early age so all of your affairs are taken care of after your death or if you’re incapacitated. With our wide range of services, you can rest easy knowing your family will understand your final wishes when the time comes. 

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Protect Your Family After You’re Gone

We understand how painful the loss of a loved one can be, but the pain can last a lot longer than you’d want it to if you leave your loved ones with nothing. Protect your family by coming to me for estate planning services. We’ll help make sure your family is taken care of and their future is secure without you. Call the Hart Law Group today for estate planning services.

Wills & Trusts

Whether you’re looking to pass assets to loved ones after your death or you want to start a trust for your children, Hart Law Group is the estate planning law firm you want explaining the process. We’ll carry out your wishes to minimize any infighting or disagreements between family members in the case of your will. We’ll also help you through the probate process. For trusts, we’ll ensure your beneficiaries are well-informed of the parameters for the trust. For more information on which fits your needs the best, consult the Hart Law Group. 

The Power of a Power of Attorney   

If you’re looking for someone to act on your behalf legally, having us help designate a Power of Attorney could be an avenue for you to explore. Power of attorneys can have a wide range of abilities when it comes to acting on your behalf. They can make financial or insurance decisions, settle claims, and employ professional help. Whether you’re out of the country or physically/mentally incapable of managing your affairs, a power of attorney can be a viable resource for you.